Moxie Appsumo Lifetime Deal

Moxie Lifetime Deal

Moxie Lifetime Deal

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Moxie is a business management platform designed to help freelancers and small businesses work more efficiently and scale their growth.

Overall rating is 4.8 out of 5

• Project tools
• App integrations
• Contracts/Invoices
• Time/money stats
  • Tools for client and project management, contracts and invoices, sales pipeline, and more
  • Integrations with Slack, Zoom, Google Calendar, and other apps
  • Legally-vetted contracts and automatic recurring invoices
  • Insights on time worked and money earned


  • Provides tools for client and project management.
  • Offers tools for managing contracts and invoices.
  • Facilitates management of sales pipeline.
  • Contains features especially designed for freelancers and small businesses.
  • Integrates with commonly used apps like Slack, Zoom, and Google Calendar.
  • Features legally-vetted contracts.
  • Allows for automatic recurring invoices.
  • Provides insights on time worked and money earned.
  • Analytics potentially customizable based on detail requirements.

Moxie Details Review

Boost Your Freelance Business with Moxie's Ultimate Command Center!

Hey there, fellow freelancers! Are you ready to take your business to the next level? Well, hold onto your hats because Moxie’s Ultimate Command Center is here to rock your world!

As a freelancer myself, I totally get the struggles of juggling multiple projects, keeping track of time, and making sure clients are happy. That’s why I turned to Moxie, and let me tell you, it has transformed the way I work!

Moxie’s Focus tab is like having my own personal assistant, giving me quick access to all the essential tools I need in one place.

We’re talking schedulers, communicators, client portals, and analytics dashboards – Moxie has it all! Now I can effortlessly track my project tasks and time, gaining valuable insights into my productivity and profitability.

And the best part? Moxie’s automation capabilities make tasks like creating invoices and vetting potential clients a breeze with just a few clicks.

Moxie has truly revolutionized the way I run my freelance business. Now it’s your turn to experience the power of Moxie’s Ultimate Command Center and take your freelance business to new heights!

View actionable cards with details about each project

Key Takeaways: Why Moxie Rocks!

  • Moxie’s Ultimate Command Center is the go-to tool for freelancers looking to streamline their business.
  • It brings together essential tools like schedulers, communicators, client portals, and analytics dashboards.
  • Automation capabilities in Moxie simplify tasks like creating invoices and vetting potential clients.
  • Moxie’s analytics dashboard provides valuable insights into time and money management.

How Moxie Helps Freelancers: Let's Dive In!

Moxie is the secret sauce that helps me streamline my freelance business. Its command center brings together all the tools I need for success: quick links, project tasks, time tracking, client management, and invoicing features.

This all-in-one platform has supercharged my productivity and efficiency. With Moxie, I can access my favorite schedulers, communicators, and client portals in a snap, saving me precious time searching for them individually.

The project tasks and time tracker feature keeps me organized and ensures I never miss a deadline. The client management tools help me nurture relationships and generate invoices with just a few clicks.

Moxie’s Ultimate Command Center truly revolutionizes the way I run my freelance business. It lets me focus on what I do best while effortlessly managing all aspects of my work.

Features of Moxie's Command Center: Power at Your Fingertips!

Let’s explore the incredible features that will take your productivity to the next level. Moxie’s Command Center is designed to boost your freelance business by maximizing efficiency and saving you time.

Here are three key features that will make you jump for joy:

  1. Quick Access: The command center provides lightning-fast links to essential tools like schedulers, communicators, and client portals. Say goodbye to endless searching and hello to instant access!
  2. Project Management: Moxie’s command center includes a task management system that lets you stay on top of your progress and meet those deadlines like a pro. Create, assign, and prioritize tasks with ease, ensuring nothing slips through the cracks.
  3. Analytics Dashboard: Gain valuable insights into your time and money management with Moxie’s real-time analytics dashboard. Track billable hours, keep an eye on expenses, and generate reports to analyze your freelance business’s performance.

By harnessing these features, you’ll supercharge your productivity, maximize efficiency, and focus on delivering exceptional work to your clients.

Get insights on projects due

Streamlining Your Freelance Business: Let's Do This!

To streamline my freelance business, I’m all about automation and optimizing workflows. With Moxie’s Ultimate Command Center, I can maximize productivity and ace client management.

Moxie’s powerful features allow me to effortlessly track project tasks and time, ensuring I meet those deadlines and keep my clients happy.

The automation tools offered by Moxie make creating invoices and agreements a piece of cake – no more tedious manual input or potential errors. With Moxie’s analytics dashboard, I gain valuable insights into my time and money allocation, empowering me to make informed decisions and improve efficiency.

With Moxie as my secret weapon, I can streamline my freelance business and focus on what I do best – providing exceptional services to my clients.

Get paid with automatic recurring invoices

Affordable Pricing: Lifetime Access for All Budgets

When it comes to pricing, Moxie offers flexibility and affordability. With three different plans available for a one-time payment of $49, $99, or $149 per license, you can choose the plan that fits your budget and requirements.

The lifetime access to the chosen plan means you won’t have to worry about recurring subscription fees.

Plus, Moxie allows you to upgrade or downgrade your plan as your business evolves, providing you with the freedom to scale according to your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Hey there! We know you might have some burning questions about Moxie, so we’re here to give you the lowdown. Check out these frequently asked questions to get all the juicy details:

Can Moxie be integrated with other project management tools?

Yes, Moxie integrated with other project management tools, providing seamless collaboration and increased efficiency. Integration possibilities include syncing tasks, communication, and client portals, maximizing the benefits of using Moxie alongside your preferred tools.

Does Moxie offer any templates for creating proposals or quotes?

Yes, Moxie offers an impressive variety of proposal and quote templates. It can be seamlessly integrated with your favorite project management tools, making collaboration a breeze and boosting your efficiency. These templates are designed to save time and streamline the process of creating professional and persuasive proposals and quotes for clients.

Can Moxie track and manage multiple projects simultaneously?

Yes, Moxie excels at tracking and managing multiple projects simultaneously. It improves productivity and organization in your freelance business. With Moxie's Focus tab, you can easily navigate between projects, access project tasks, and track time efficiently.

Does Moxie have any features to help freelancers with client communication?

Yes, Moxie offers a variety of features to assist freelancers with client communication. With client feedback and communication tools, Moxie ensures seamless collaboration and effective communication, enhancing the freelancer-client relationship and project success.

Can Moxie generate reports or analytics to track the performance of freelance projects?

Yes, Moxie can generate comprehensive reports and analytics to track the performance of freelance projects. It provides valuable insights on time, money, client relationships, and project progress, helping freelancers make data-driven decisions for success.

What Can You Do Now?

After reviewing the information about Moxie, you now has a comprehensive understanding of the platform’s features and benefits.

Moxie is a business management platform specifically designed for creative freelancers and small businesses. It offers a range of tools for client and project management, contracts and invoices, sales pipelines, and more.

Moxie integrates with popular apps like Slack, Zoom, and Google Calendar, making it convenient to centralize operations. The platform provides legally-vetted contracts and automatic recurring invoices, simplifying business operations. Additionally, Moxie’s analytics dashboard offers insights on time worked and money earned, aiding in business management and growth.

What can you do now: If you’re interested in streamlining your freelance business, check out now. If Moxie doesn’t fit your needs, feel free to check out our other reviews for alternative solutions.

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