Tap My Back: A Powerful and Flexible Recognition Platform

Tap My Back
Tap My Back

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Elevate workplace engagement with effortless recognition and feedback.

Key Features of Tap My Back

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    Easy Recognition: Streamlined employee recognition with a user-friendly interface.

  • ✉️

    Customizable Messages: Tailor recognition messages to make them personal and meaningful.

  • 🔄

    Feedback Loops: Encourage constructive feedback among team members and managers.

  • 📊

    Performance Analytics: Gain insights into team performance and engagement.

  • 🔗

    Integration: Seamless integration with existing HR software and tools.

  • 🎮

    Gamification: Add fun and motivation through badges and leaderboards.


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  • Comprehensive Feature Set
  • Enhanced Employee Engagement
  • Data-Driven Decision Making
  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Promotes Well-being
  • Alignment with Organizational Goals
  • Integration Flexibility


  • Learning Curve
  • Integration Complexity
  • Cost Considerations
  • Customization Constraints
  • Implementation Time
  • Feedback Collection Challenge
  • Support and Training Variability

Tap My Back: The Ultimate Employee Recognition and Feedback Solution

In today’s fast-paced work environment, ensuring effective communication and feedback among team members is a critical challenge. The myriad of tasks, overlapping project timelines, and the necessity for continuous improvement can sometimes overshadow the importance of positive reinforcement and recognition.

This is where Tap My Back comes into play. A cutting-edge employee engagement tool, Tap My Back aims to foster a culture of appreciation and constructive feedback, bridging the communication gaps in teams and enhancing overall productivity.

In this comprehensive review, we will explore the multifaceted functionalities of Tap My Back and delve deep into how it can transform team dynamics. While we have previously analyzed various team management tools like HuddleUp, Peoplebox, and Wellbee, Tap My Back introduces a unique blend of features that distinctly positions it in the realm of employee engagement platforms.

Who Needs Tap My Back?

Primarily built for HR professionals, team leaders, and managers, Tap My Back is also an invaluable tool for organizations, irrespective of their size. Whether you’re a budding startup or a global conglomerate, ensuring that your team feels valued is pivotal. Moreover, educational institutions, NGOs, and other collaborative settings can benefit immensely from this feedback platform.

Key Features of Tap My Back

Real-Time Feedback and Recognition

A distinguishing trait of Tap My Back is its capability to deliver real-time feedback and recognition. This ensures that employees get immediate acknowledgment for their efforts and contributions. As an active user of Tap My Back, I can personally vouch for how this feature incredibly fostered a positive workplace environment and bolstered team morale.

Performance Analysis with Comprehensive Metrics

Tap My Back shines with its performance analysis feature that boasts comprehensive metrics. It systematically evaluates an employee’s performance, shedding light on areas of excellence and those requiring improvement.

Integration with Popular Workplace Tools

The tool exhibits seamless integration with popular workplace applications, ensuring smooth data transition and process integration. The ability to integrate with tools I already use made my transition to Tap My Back effortless and allowed for a more holistic approach to employee management.

Personalized Feedback Mechanisms

One of Tap My Back’s key offerings is the facility to personalize feedback mechanisms. This is crucial as it ensures feedback is not just generic but tailored to individual needs, making it more actionable.

Team Collaboration Boosters

Tap My Back introduces potent team collaboration boosters, encompassing features like project collaboration, team insights, and unified communication tools. This array of features ensures teams work cohesively, aligning their efforts towards a common goal.

By providing these key features, Tap My Back ensures that recognizing and uplifting team members is consistent, meaningful, and seamlessly integrated into daily workflows.

Our Own Experience with Tap My Back

Upon incorporating Tap My Back into our daily operations, the immediate change we noticed was in the overall team morale. Our team members began to feel more recognized and valued for their efforts, leading to a noticeable uptick in motivation and collaboration.

The real-time recognition feature is a game-changer. In the past, our team would often wait for quarterly reviews to receive or give feedback. With Tap My Back, the acknowledgment is instantaneous, celebrating accomplishments while they’re still fresh.

Another feature that particularly stood out for us was the customizable badges. They allowed us to create specific recognitions tied to our company values and goals. The process of awarding these badges became a fun and engaging activity, with team members eagerly working towards achieving them.

Furthermore, the feedback analytics tool provided an in-depth look into team dynamics. We could quickly identify our star performers and areas where additional support or training might be needed. The data collected was instrumental in fine-tuning our employee appreciation strategies.

Pricing Plan

PlanPrice per User/Month (Billed Annually)Price per User/Month (Billed Monthly)

Note: This is an overview of the pricing. You can check their official pricing from the link.

Tap my back in Appsumo

Tap My Back offers a lifetime deal on AppSumo for just $59, down from $576. This includes 15 users, social recognition, recognition badges, a rewards program with 600+ retailers, branding options, and analytics on recognition. Integrations with MS Teams, Slack, and Google are available. Features like feedback scheduling, unlimited skill badges, private feedback, peer check-ins, pulse surveys, advanced reporting, and free setup made this a comprehensive employee engagement solution.

Offer DetailsValue
Type of PurchaseOne-time
Discounted Price$59
Original Price$576
Users Included15
Money-back Guarantee60 days
Please note that you must redeem your code(s) within 60 days of purchase. This deal is not stackable but includes lifetime access to Tap My Back and all future plan updates.

How to Use Tap My Back

For those eager to integrate this platform, here’s a step-by-step guide to get started:

  1. Sign Up & Onboard: Head to the Tap My Back website and sign up. The intuitive onboarding process will guide you through setting up your team and initial recognition parameters.
  2. Integrate Your Tools: If you use platforms like Slack or Microsoft Teams, ensure you integrate them for seamless recognition within your existing workflows.
  3. Customize Badges: Navigate to the ‘Badges’ section and start creating custom badges that align with your company’s values or specific projects.
  4. Promote the Platform: Ensure your team knows about Tap My Back. Encourage peer-to-peer recognition, creating a more holistic appreciation culture.
  5. Check Analytics: Regularly visit the analytics dashboard to glean insights into team dynamics, recognition patterns, and areas of improvement.
  6. Conduct Surveys: Utilize the survey feature to periodically check in with your team’s mood or gather feedback on specific company initiatives.
  7. Iterate and Improve: Based on feedback and analytics, continuously refine your recognition strategies to ensure they remain relevant and impactful.

Incorporating Tap My Back is a simple process, but the positive ramifications on team culture and morale are profound.

Alternatives to Tap My Back

There are several other platforms and tools that cater to employee recognition and feedback. Here are some alternatives we’ve reviewed in the past:

Each of these HR and employee engagement tools caters to specific needs within the HR landscape. Be sure to explore our reviews to find the one that aligns best with your organization’s requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Tap My Back promote a positive company culture?

Tap My Back encourages real-time recognition, ensuring that team members feel valued and appreciated for their contributions, fostering a sense of belonging and positive company culture.

Can I integrate Tap My Back with other HRM tools?

Yes, Tap My Back offers integrations with several popular tools and platforms, ensuring that recognition is seamlessly woven into your daily HRM processes.

How is peer-to-peer recognition different from manager recognition?

While manager recognition is vital, peer-to-peer recognition brings a sense of camaraderie among team members, ensuring that everyone has a voice in appreciating their peers.

Does Tap My Back support multi-language?

Yes, the platform supports multiple languages, catering to global teams and ensuring that everyone can use the tool comfortably.

Is there a mobile app available for Tap My Back?

Yes, Tap My Back offers a mobile app available for both Android and iOS, ensuring that recognitions can be given and received on-the-go.

What Can You Do Now?

With the clear benefits and features of Tap My Back, it’s evident that it’s a strong contender in the employee recognition space. If you’re seeking to promote a positive, appreciative culture within your organization, it’s time to consider integrating Tap My Back into your processes. Dive deeper, explore its features, and perhaps give their free trial a whirl to experience firsthand the power of genuine recognition.

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