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Advanced compliance management software for streamlined regulation adherence.

Key Features

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    Automated Compliance Audits: Gone are the days of manual and time-consuming audits. ECOMPLY automates the audit process, ensuring consistency and thoroughness.

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    Integration Capabilities: Sync seamlessly with other platforms and databases to pull necessary data and maintain real-time compliance checks.

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    Customizable Compliance Templates: Whether it’s GDPR, HIPAA, or any other standard, use customizable templates to make compliance documentation a breeze.

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    Data Breach Notifications: Stay ahead of potential threats with timely data breach notifications, ensuring swift action and minimizing potential damage.

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    Training Modules: Keep your team updated with built-in training modules covering the latest compliance standards and best practices.

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    Risk Management Dashboard: Monitor and assess potential compliance risks using an intuitive dashboard, facilitating proactive decision-making.


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  • Dynamic Dashboard
  • Automated Alerts
  • Regulation Integration
  • Document Management
  • Stakeholder Collaboration
  • Customizable Workflows


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ECOMPLY: Comprehensive Compliance Management at Your Fingertips

In today’s digital landscape, managing data compliance is akin to navigating a labyrinth. With ever-evolving data protection laws and the increasing intricacies of ensuring data security, businesses are often swamped. Merging the challenges of adhering to regulations with the necessity of real-time data access can be overwhelming.

This is where ECOMPLY shines. As a sophisticated data compliance tool, ECOMPLY is engineered to demystify and streamline the data compliance maze, optimizing efficiency.

In this review, we’ll delve into ECOMPLY’s prowess, showcasing how it stands out. While we’ve assessed tools like Clawdia and Grabsign previously, ECOMPLY boasts unique merits that set it apart.

Who Needs ECOMPLY?

ECOMPLY is an essential tool for companies that deal with multiple layers of compliance, whether in finance, health, real estate, or other industries. It’s especially beneficial for compliance officers, HR professionals, data protection officers, and businesses that are navigating the minefield of regulations like GDPR. With the sheer volume of compliance regulations that organizations need to adhere to, having a centralized system like ECOMPLY becomes crucial.

Key Features of ECOMPLY

Data Privacy and Compliance Monitoring

One of the significant advantages of ECOMPLY is its prowess in monitoring data privacy and ensuring organizations adhere to stringent compliance regulations. This feature guarantees that your company remains on the right side of the law and avoids hefty fines.

Automated Workflow Management

ECOMPLY proudly offers an automated workflow system designed to streamline operational tasks, making processes smoother and more efficient. By setting up automatic triggers for certain tasks, the system reduces manual interventions, freeing up employee time. This feature has notably helped me optimize resource allocation within our organization.

Integration with Popular Business Tools

Seamlessly syncing with widely used business platforms is one of ECOMPLY’s strengths. This integration ensures that data from different departments is collated in one central hub, ensuring consistency and aiding in faster decision-making. Additionally, the ability to connect ECOMPLY with finance tools aids businesses in tracking compliance-related expenses.

Customizable Compliance Dashboards

ECOMPLY permits businesses to design their compliance dashboards according to their specific needs, ensuring key metrics are always in sight. This feature enhances the ability to monitor real-time progress, aiding in quick adaptations to any compliance challenges that arise, thereby boosting organizational agility.

Interactive Training Modules

Training employees on compliance is crucial, and ECOMPLY understands this. The platform offers interactive training modules tailored for different roles within an organization. This not only ensures that everyone is on the same page but also fosters a culture of compliance.

Our Own Experience

Diving into ECOMPLY was an eye-opener. The immediacy of the benefits was unmistakable. From the get-go, I realized that our compliance processes were about to be revolutionized. The earlier systems required tedious manual entries, leading to potential errors and inefficiencies. ECOMPLY, however, offered a more streamlined, automated approach.

Its automated compliance reminders were a game-changer. Prior to ECOMPLY, it wasn’t uncommon for us to overlook certain regulations, resulting in last-minute scrambles. But with the automated reminders, everything is on the radar, significantly reducing oversights.

The feature that truly stood out was the integrated risk assessment. Working in a domain where regulations and compliances are paramount, this feature gave us the edge. We could preemptively address potential issues, long before they escalated into tangible problems.

Collaboration within our teams saw a substantial boost, too. ECOMPLY’s centralized system meant that all relevant members had real-time access to vital information. This facilitated more coordinated efforts, minimizing redundancies and maximizing productivity.

Incorporating ECOMPLY into our workflow was transformative. We experienced enhanced operational efficiency and a reinforced sense of confidence in our compliance management. Clients noticed the uptick in our service delivery, and our teams reveled in the newfound ease of operations.

Pricing Plan

EssentialsMax. 1600 €/year– Tools for 1 controller- Logbook, Document Generator, Export options- Data Protection Audits & Measures
Small BusinessMax. 2990 €/year– Essentials features- 1 hour personal onboarding
Medium BusinessMax. 101990 €/year– All Small Business features- Data Protection Badge & Impact Assessment- Premium Support
EnterpriseMore than 10N/A– LDAP, SAML, SCIM- Training Tracker, On-Premise Hosting- Custom Contracts & Branding- APIs & More
Partner/GroupFlexibleN/A– All Medium Business features- Tools for consultants- Client collaboration & management- Teamwork

No VAT outside of EU. Add 19% VAT for purchases inside Germany. No VAT inside EU (VAT-ID required).

Note: This is an overview. Check their official website for more!

ECOMPLY Offer on AppSumo

ECOMPLY is currently offering a lifetime deal on AppSumo. For a one-time purchase of just $99, you can get access to a package originally priced at $2,100. This exceptional offer provides lifetime access to the ECOMPLY Essentials plan.

With this, users benefit from 27 document templates, unlimited processing activities, and a database of 800 preconfigured vendors. The deal is designed for a single user. ECOMPLY simplifies GDPR compliance, ensuring businesses have all the essential tools and templates in one place. If you’re a small business aiming to streamline your GDPR compliance processes, this deal is a golden opportunity.

Deal TypeLifetime deal
Original Price$2,100
Discounted Price$99
Document Templates27
Processing ActivitiesUnlimited
Preconfigured Vendors800
UpdatesAll future plan updates included
Money-back Guarantee60 days

How to Use ECOMPLY

Getting started with ECOMPLY is intuitive:

  1. Sign Up and Configuration: Visit the ECOMPLY website, sign up, and provide the necessary company details.
  2. Dashboard Familiarization: Familiarize yourself with the dynamic dashboard, which will be your main hub for compliance activities.
  3. Set Up Workflows: Tailor ECOMPLY’s workflows to match your compliance processes. This can be as detailed or as general as you need.
  4. Document Upload: Centralize your compliance documents by uploading them to ECOMPLY’s document management system.
  5. Stakeholder Onboarding: Invite relevant team members and stakeholders to the platform, setting their roles and permissions.
  6. Ongoing Management: Regularly review tasks, deadlines, and updates. Use the collaboration tools to discuss and resolve compliance-related matters.

With these steps, your organization will be well on its way to streamlined compliance management with ECOMPLY.

Alternatives to ECOMPLY

Certainly, here are some alternative compliance management solutions that we have previously reviewed in articles similar to this one:

  1. BunnyDoc: BunnyDoc is a compliance management platform designed to simplify and streamline compliance processes. It offers features such as regulatory tracking, document management, and automated workflows. Read our in-depth review of BunnyDoc to explore its capabilities further.
  2. Grabsign: Grabsign is another compliance management tool known for its document signing and tracking capabilities. It provides a user-friendly interface and integration options with various business tools. For a comprehensive understanding of Grabsign, check out our detailed review.
  3. Certyfile-Blockchain Certification: If you’re looking for a compliance solution that leverages blockchain technology for added security, Certyfile is worth considering. Our review of Certyfile delves into how blockchain certification can enhance your compliance efforts.
  4. Clawdia: Clawdia, like ECOMPLY, is dedicated to simplifying compliance management. It’s essential to explore the differences between these two solutions, so you can make an informed choice based on your specific requirements. Read our review of Clawdia for a detailed comparison.

Each of these compliance management tools has its strengths and unique features, catering to various compliance needs. By reviewing our articles on these alternatives, you can gain a deeper understanding of their capabilities and determine which one aligns best with your compliance goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

What sets ECOMPLY apart from other compliance management solutions?

ECOMPLY's strength lies in its user-friendly interface and real-time regulatory tracking. It aims to simplify compliance management for businesses of all sizes.

Is ECOMPLY suitable for startups?

Absolutely. ECOMPLY can be a valuable tool for startups aiming to establish a solid compliance foundation from day one.

How does ECOMPLY handle industry-specific regulations?

ECOMPLY offers industry-specific templates and updates to ensure that your compliance efforts align with your specific regulatory requirements.

Can ECOMPLY integrate with my existing business tools?

Yes, ECOMPLY provides integration capabilities with popular business tools, allowing for a seamless compliance ecosystem.

What level of customer support can I expect with ECOMPLY?

ECOMPLY takes customer support seriously and offers responsive assistance to help you navigate the complexities of compliance management.

What Can You Do Now?

Following this insightful review of ECOMPLY, if you’re serious about simplifying compliance management for your business, don’t hesitate. ECOMPLY is your answer. Plus, there’s an exclusive lifetime deal on Appsumo available for a limited time. Act now to secure this fantastic offer!

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